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Ode Stroller

…and other AM clock radio classics.

The part in the story where a fairy moves into Quilby’s book and steals all the words and changes them back into cosmic mumbo jumbo.

See previous Tumblr post to listen to this song. (Got an awesome sound, going down.)     //..**^**..\

Portola 7:59

self-portrait in three tiers

Bela Bartok cranking his wax cylinder while a farm girl sings, somewhere deep in Transylvania, the stylus etching her voice into the wax, a weird, ancient melody, while slivers fall away from the cut grooves into the deep, dewy wild grass.

"Admit It" (detail)

Alibi, Mumbo & Prit

The most amazing thing I have ever found anywhere. Found while stoned and alone, on a street in the South End, Boston, late 1990s.

I Had The Same Dream, detail.